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“Big News! Effective June 19, 2017, the Entry Exam for Border Patrol Agent no longer includes Spanish or the Artificial Language Test. Get ready for lots of Logical Reasoning!”

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Imagine being a U.S. Border Patrol Agent? You will enjoy an action-packed, exciting career dedicated to protecting our nation and making a positive difference in the world.

Extraordinary Challenge

Applicants must pass a series of challenging tests. Over ten thousand men and women apply each year, but only a fraction of these pass the exams due to a lack of preparation.

Extraordinary Preparation

My online course offers engaging, multi-media tutorials and hundreds of practice exams. I will teach you how to ace the Logical Reasoning questions, the Polygraph, the Psych test, the Personality Assessment and the Job Interview.


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Sgt. Godoy, I wanted you to know that I scored a 91 on my BP Exam. Final score = 101, with my Veteran’s preference. I believe, without a doubt, that your prep course gave me an edge! Thanks.
— Brian Jansen, February 2017

Take a stand for your dream. Make a pledge to succeed. Arm yourself for victory. This is about YOUR life. This is about your decision to make your dream a reality. You can win because you will be well prepared.

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