Course Contents

My Border Patrol Exam Prep Course goes far beyond what you learn from the standard Study Guide. My in-depth tutorials focus on each subject using engaging, multimedia presentations. I use the very latest in eLearning technology to deliver dozens of practice quizzes and lectures as you can see in the examples below. Your learning will be faster and more enjoyable. Finally, I provide personal, one-on-one support when you have questions.

Your Career - The Big Picture

  • Introduction to Customs & Border Protection
  • Best Practices for Managing your Job Search
  • Tips and Strategies to Ace the Written Test  
  • Practice for the Personality Assessment
  • Insightful Tutorials

  • Logical Reasoning for Border Patrol Agents
  • Clear, Animated Explanations
  • Alternative Techniques for Solving
  • More Stimulating than Static Guides
  • Effective June 19, 2017 - NO SPANISH TEST OR ARTIFICIAL LANGUAGE TEST Required
  • 100's Practice Questions

  • Practice Quizzes with Instant Feedback
  • Timed Quizzes Prove you are Ready
  • In-depth Answer Explanations
  • Randomized Questions - 1000's Combinations
  • Bonus Courses

  • Mastering the Polygraph
  • Mastering the Psych Exam
  • Mastering the Oral Interview
  • Personalized Support

  • I will personally help you 24X7
  • Expert coaching and guidance